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Louise O’Reilly to run for Sinn Féin in Dublin Fingal in General Election

26 March, 2015

Sinn Féin has selected Louise O’Reilly to be the party’s candidate in the Dublin Fingal constituency at next General Election.

Party members chose Ms. O’Reilly at a selection convention in Swords, which was addressed by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD earlier this evening.

Addressing party members at the packed convention Louise O’Reilly said:

“It is an honour for me to be selected to run as a candidate for Sinn Féin in the constituency of Dublin Fingal. 

I would like to thank our three hard working councillors who are paving the way for the party in this constituency and it is only because of the work that they have done and continue to do that we are in a position to approach the general election with confidence.

Tonight is the beginning of the work which we will do to return a Sinn Féin TD for Dublin Fingal to the Dáil. 

We have a positive message to bring to the doorsteps of North County Dublin. We are in a position to bring some hope to the men and women in this constituency who are exhausted by the policies of austerity.

You have heard it said many times by now that Sinn Féin is aspiring to govern. We are and we are right to be. 

We are not a party of protest.

We are a party with well worked out solutions to the problems which face the people of our communities every day. 

Nowhere is the legacy of Fianna Fáil and the damage done by the Fine Gael / Labour austerity programme more evident than in North County Dublin.

The impact of atrocious planning decisions and the corruption that went on with it is evident here.

Young families struggling to pay for childcare while juggling their bills and living in negative equity.

Citizens languishing on housing lists while rents spiral out of control.

Children who cannot get into schools in their communities.

These people are ready for a change. These people can’t cope with more of the same. 

The so-called recovery is not happening for these people. Their recovery will only come through change and we are the people to make this change happen.

The recovery must be a fair recovery for all. It will be meaningless if it doesn’t deal with the problems of homelessness, unemployment, under employment, housing and planning. 

For the recovery to have any meaning it must put people back to work – decent work – not just schemes. 

We must reach out to the fishing and farming communities who were by-passed by the so-called Celtic Tiger and we must work hard to end the misery of the increasing number of children falling into poverty in Dublin.

We saw the strength of the opposition to the policies of this government on the streets last Saturday – the campaign against the water charges is not going away and we need to tell the people of Fingal that a vote for Sinn Féin is not a protest vote against the water charges, it is the best way to ensure that the water charges are defeated for once and for all.

Taoiseach call the election.  We are ready for it and more importantly the people of Fingal are ready to make the change.”

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