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Minister Coveney must urge the EU Commission to include processed meat in country of origin labelling- Lynn Boylan MEP

31 March, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has called on Minister Coveney to start lobbying the EU Commission for the introduction of legislation that includes processed meat in the country of origin labelling regulations.

Speaking today the Dublin MEP said:

“I welcome the new country of origin labelling rules for packaged pork, lamb and goat that come in force today.

“However the Minister must urge the EU Commission to introduce equivalent rules for processed meat, especially after the horsemeat scandal and the pork dioxin scare highlighted the lack of traceability.

In February this year the European Parliament voted in favour of a resolution that calls on the Commission to propose legislation on mandatory country of origin labelling for meat in processed food.

Consumers like to know where all their food comes from, consistent polls have demonstrated this. Plus producers and farmers recognise the value of country of origin label labelling, with 36,000 farmers and 122 producers signing up to a voluntary scheme.

Is the government reluctant to push for these rules to be extended due to the exaggerated claims by the business lobby that mandatory labelling will add to business costs?

Studies by consumer groups have shown that the cost of labelling the processed meat within a lasagne would be just €0.015. The Minister must put consumer confidence and health above big business interests. 

This is a tiny cost to preserve the quality of the Irish brand and for consumer piece of mind.

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