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Gallagher appeals for calm in West Dublin

22 November, 2004

Sinn Féin Councillor Felix Gallagher today appealed for calm in the wake of the fatal shooting of Paul Cunningham in his Mullhuddart home. Mr. Gallagher has also condemned those responsible for the brutal killing.

Speaking in Dublin this morning he said:

"These attacks are an assault on the entire community and I condemn outright whoever was responsible for the brutal murder. There is a genuine fear in the area due to the worrying trend of increased gun crime in the locality and I would like to appeal for people to be calm.

"This is a clear example of the failure of the Justice Minister‚s West Dublin Crime Crackdown. Putting more armed Gardaí on the streets will not solve West Dublin's crime problems. Yes people do want more Gardai on the beat, but they want Gardai that will serve the Community - not armed checkpoints which often has the effect of alienating the Gardai from the Community they are suppose to be serving.

"The problems in West Dublin need to be addressed at a very basic and fundamental level. You will not over turn years of neglect and marginalisation with a few short-term highly visible police patrols. You need to tackle the causes of crime and anti-social behaviour at the same time as targeting the serious criminal elements that exist within the West Dublin community. But most importantly the Gardai need to work constructively and in the spirit of co-operation with the local community to address these issues." ENDS

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