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PSNI statement on McMahon murder insults peoples intelligence

23 November, 2004

Lagan Valley Sinn Féin Representative Cllr. Paul Butler has said that people in Lisburn will have been stunned by a statement from the PSNI that they have not established a motive for the murder of young James McMahon in the town one year ago.

Cllr. Butler said:

" It is a well known fact that James McMahon was murdered by the UDA in Lisburn. There is absolutely no doubt about that. The UDA exists primarily to intimidate and kill Catholics and is riddled with PSNI Special Branch agents and informers.

" The PSNI are insulting the intelligence of nationalists in Lisburn by pretending that the murder of James McMahon was anything other than a random and blatantly sectarian murder and indeed many will question the motivation behind this move by the PSNI.

" This sort of approach to unionist paramilitary violence it has to be said is fairly typical of the PSNI. They are never so reticent in pointing the finger at republican organisations even when there is no evidence to back up their claims particularly at sensitive times within the political process." ENDS

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