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Labour Party talk of capping the Property Tax is a desperate attempt to ‘buy back votes’ - Kathleen Funchion

6 April, 2015

Sinn Féin Carlow/Kilkenny by election candidate Cllr Kathleen Funchion has said that talk from the Labour Party about capping the Property Tax is a desperate attempt to buy back votes.

Cllr Funchion said;

“This talk of capping the Property Tax is coming from a party whose leadership figures have indicated that it is okay to break election promises.

“The reality is that the Labour Party has opposed even the most modest of reductions in the property tax at council level.

“We are now clearly at the start of the run-in to a general election. The Labour Party, after four years of administering brutal austerity and cuts, are beginning what will be a process of desperately attempting to buy back votes from ordinary people - the very people they abandoned, time and again, throughout their term in government.

“Such talk is not about delivering a sustainable quality of life for our families and communities. It is about the Labour Party trying to cling to power. The government will produce many sweeteners over the next few months in the hope that people will simply forget all the hardship to which they have been subjected.

“It is not about delivering for the people. If that was the genuine aim of the Labour Party then they would have spent the last four years pushing back against the regressive, right-wing policies of Fine Gael. Instead they have willing participated in a political agenda that has devastated the lives of ordinary people through this state.

“The Sinn Féin position is clear. The Property Tax should be scrapped and Sinn Féin is the party to get it done. In government, we will abolish the Property Tax.”

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