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Doherty calls on the Government not to use budget as instrument for re-election

23 November, 2004

Ahead of budget day 2005 Sinn Fein's candidate in the recent E.U elections Pearse Doherty has called upon the Government not to use the budget as a political instrument for their own re-election but instead live up to their responsibilities and put an emphasis on social need and equality.

Cllr. Doherty said "Sinn Fein firmly believe that the taxation system should be based on the ability to pay. We have seen tactics in the past where the Government have claimed not to have increased taxes while in fact they have used the budget to camouflage an array of tax increases in the form of stealth taxes. Stealth taxes is the worst form of taxation as the impact of this is felt by low to middle earners"

Doherty went on to call on the Minister of Finance to increase the tax credit to bring minimum wage workers out of the tax net. He concluded "It is ridiculous that people on a minimum wage are required to pay tax while in the wake of recent revelations that absolutely no income tax was paid in 2001 by 242 people earning between €100, 000 and 1 Million Euro. It is scandalous that the government allows these people to avoid paying any income tax while minimum wage workers are taxed.

It is only just and fair that these people on minimum wage of €273 a week are taken out of the tax net" ENDS

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