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Carthy stands in solidarity with turf cutters in Loughrea

9 April, 2015 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Midlands Northwest MEP Matt Carthy, after attending yesterday's trial in Loughrea Co. Galway where judgement in the hearing of turf cutters Pat Reddin and John Darcy was deferred until October, has called for the government to intervene and resolve this issue more positively with turf cutters. 

Carthy attended the trial alongside several dozen supporters of the turf cutters with a number of Sinn Féin representatives including Senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh and general election candidates Clare Kerrane (Roscommon East Galway) and Cllr Carol Nolan (Offaly).

Extending his solidarity with the turf cutters, Carthy accused the government of making a shambles of implementing the EU directive concerned.

He said:

“Pat Reddin and John Darcy are the type of men who would never have seen the inside of court room. Two upright citizens are instead facing charges for supporting an activity that is essentially about people trying to keep their families warm over winter months.

"Turf cutters are not turning a profit from their efforts. Anyone who has ever spent a summer on the bog will know the back breaking nature of turf production. These men have gone to these pains, as generations did before them, to sustain their family through the winter. It is outrageous that law abiding citizens are facing criminal record for engaging in an activity routed in Irish tradition.   

“Judgement in yesterday's hearing was adjourned until October. But many people in rural Ireland are now asking the question as to why two turf cutters could find themselves inside a court while so many of those responsible for destroying the State’s economy have never been held to account. They are also wondering as to the rationale for so much finance and Garda and court time to be wasted in times of Austerity.

“Many rural dwellers depend on turf and I believe the government need to finally intervene to find a better solution to an issue that strikes a chord throughout rural Ireland."

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