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Cllr Jonathan Graham calls on those responsible for political graffiti to stop now

13 April, 2015

Sinn Féin Clondalkin councillor Jonathan Graham has called on those individuals responsible for the rise in political graffiti to stop. There has been a vast increase in the levels of such in the North Clondalkin area over the past several weeks. 

Cllr Graham said:

'I have raised this issue with the Council and I am anticipating that it will be removed in the coming week. People need to realise that this is futile behaviour and serves only as nuisance to residents and the Council alike. Those responsible for spraying on resident’s walls need to stop. The behaviour is not appreciated nor is it wanted in our community. 

Each euro spent on removing this is another euro wasted on potential services that will benefit each member of our community. It is worth noting that political abbreviations and slogans are constrained and do not necessarily represent the entire community. 

 As a Republican and a community activist I am not represented by this. This will not achieve my objectives nor those of these individuals either.  They need to realise it is a waste of Council money and that the resources can be better utilised'.

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