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Dublin City Council opposes the handing over of tenant details to Irish Water- Cllr Doolan

13 April, 2015 - by Daithí Doolan

Dublin City Council has voted to oppose the handing over of tenant details to Irish Water and will seek independent legal advice on the recent action of management in the handing over of personal details of local authority tenants.

Speaking at tonight’s Dublin City Council meeting Cllr. Daithí Doolan said:

"I welcome the cross party support for the Sinn Féin motion. It is unacceptable that Dublin City Council management handed over personal details of local authority tenants to Irish Water.

Tenants are furious that details were handed over to Irish Water. This was done without prior knowledge and the consent of the tenants was not sought. Irish Water is an independent utility no different than a gas or electricity company.

It is a very dangerous precedent and should be opposed every step of the way. Sinn Féin tabled tonight’s Emergency Motion to highlight this council’s opposition to this behaviour. 

“Demanding for personal information on local authority tenants to be handed over to Irish Water shows how desperate this government is to impose water charges on households.

Central and local government should be protecting citizen’s information not handing it over to companies who want to extract money from them.

"We firmly believe that handing personal details contravenes data protection. Also best practice would ensure that tenants would have been contacted before details were handed over.

"We will be studying legal opinion to see how we can overturn the decision to hand over tenants details and to undo the damage done by Dublin City Council management."

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