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Ferris blasts Irish Water for sending another bill to a deceased individual

20 April, 2015 - by Martin Ferris TD

A woman living in north Kerry has been sent a bill by Irish Water in the name of her former partner who died almost 11 years ago. The woman, who contacted Sinn Féin, was quite upset to receive the bill. She is the owner of the house and it has been under her name for a number of years. This comes a week after Irish Water sent a bill with the suffix "RIP" with the name of another deceased person, causing his family some distress. 

Local Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris said:

“To send a bill in the name of a person who died almost 11 years ago is quite extraordinary and insensitive. The man's former partner who received the bill was understandably quite upset, particularly given the fact that his 11 year anniversary is only a few days away. The house has been in her name for several years so there really is no excuse for this. People might understand that mistakes will be made where someone has passed away in the last year or two but this is well beyond that.

“Last week, Irish Water sent a bill to a person with the letters "RIP" written after the name and now we have this. It further highlights the complete shambles the government has made in setting up this disastrous and bloated quango. People are already furious that they are being told to pay twice for their water and instances like this are only adding to that sense of anger. Irish Water is beyond redemption and should be abolished immediately.”  

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