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Fianna Fáil suffer bout of amnesia at party Ard Fheis – Reilly

25 April, 2015

Speaking today Sinn Féin Senator Kathryn Reilly has commented that it is bizarre that Fianna Fáil members are this weekend passing motions criticising policies and cuts which they themselves implemented before they were ignominiously forced out of office in 2011.

Senator Reilly said;

“I find it abhorrent that the Fianna Fáil membership can pass motions at their Ard Fheis this weekend criticising government policies and cuts when they themselves acted the exact same way before they were thrown out of office.”

“The first motion put to the floor criticised this government’s treatment of the elderly, the young, and the disabled. Without a doubt this government deserves to be castigated for their treatment of all these citizens, and many more, but it is the height of irony that Fianna Fáil are raising this issue when they attacked these very same groups when they were in government.”

“Such a statement highlights the absolute arrogance of a party who led the country into economic meltdown. Ironically, for a party that believe they are born to rule, the Soldiers of Destiny proved themselves incredibly bad at it when they got the chance.”

“Fianna Fáil should not be let off lightly by paying mere lip service to the people they disadvantaged and oppressed the most when they were in power. Neither should we as a nation forget the legacy of their actions when they were in power; corruption, nepotism, jobbery, clientelism, negligence of social responsibility, golden circles, and many more.”

“This weekend we have seen a party who are politically afraid and who are taking their fear out by attacking Sinn Féin. This is born of a fear of a genuine Republican party who stand up for the Irish people and have conviction in their beliefs. Fianna Fáil can attack Sinn Féin all they want in their effort to fight back against the wave of irrelevance which has overcome them; we are confident that the electorate will neither forgive nor forget what they did to this country.”

“All the while Sinn Féin will continue to grow and do right by the all people of Ireland.”

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