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Spring Statement shows that electing another Fine Gael TD would prevent the delivery of a fair recovery for Carlow Kilkenny - Cllr Kathleen Funchion

28 April, 2015 - by Kathleen Funchion TD

Dismissing the Government’s Spring Statement as a crass PR stunt, Sinn Féin’s by-election candidate, Cllr Kathleen Funchion, said that electing another Fine Gael TD for Carlow Kilkenny would prevent the delivery of a fair recovery for the constituency.

Cllr Funchion stated;

“The statements made today by Ministers Noonan and Howlin lack any of the necessary substance to justify the level of hype generated in recent days. It is clear that the government put more energy into their spin strategy than into devising a programme for a recovery that would be fair and sustainable.

“The Spring Statement basically amounted to a crass PR stunt in which promises were rattled off ad nauseam. Minister Noonan’s outlandish commitments on job creation were particularly outlandish given this government’s performance in that area. The government would have to increase their record on job creation to date annually by 50% if they are to meet the targets announced by the Finance Minister.

“Minister Noonan also told us that our young emigrants are coming back. However, the statistics tell us a different story. There are 60,900 less people aged between 20 and 34 in employment since Labour and FG took up office.

 “The fact is that the number of new graduates emigrating is higher than at any time in the previous six years.

“Emigrants have identified four key barriers to their return: poor infrastructure, precarious working conditions and low pay, lack of career opportunities and progression and a lack of affordable housing. There is nothing in today’s announcement that addresses any of these barriers in a meaningful way.

 “The content of the Spring Statement, especially the glaring lack of any indication of a new departure in economic thinking on behalf of the government, confirms that Fine Gael will never deliver a fair recovery for the people of Carlow and Kilkenny.

 “The truth is that this Fine Gael-led government has deepened economic and income inequality in Ireland on a scale that will take decades to reverse.

 “Electing another Fine Gael TD for Carlow Kilkenny would only bolster their ranks and help prolong hardship for so many ordinary people.”

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