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Fine Gael and Labour stigmatising the unemployed- Cllr Sarah Holland

8 May, 2015 - by Sarah Holland

Sinn Féin Cllr Sarah Holland has today criticised Minister Michael Noonan for his comments at a Chamber of Commerce lunch in Kilkenny, where he stated, “We all know there are people who will never work, who are allergic to work…”

Cllr Holland said:

“Minister Noonan’s comments were crass – and unfortunately typical of Fine Gaels laissez-faire attitude.

With this throwaway comment, he has insulted 100’s of skilled workers who simply cannot find employment, 100’s of lone parents who have had to give up their jobs as they can no longer afford childcare following the cuts to their benefits.

He is insulting 1000’s who are caught in the rent allowance trap and were never given the opportunity to upskill or enter employment.

He shows a lack of understanding of the everyday struggles people in this country are facing.  Fine Gael and Labour would need to take a look out of their ivory tower – a bit of empathy might help them to start making people oriented decisions.

The fact that Tánaiste Joan Burton then weighed in behind him saying that Sinn Fein has a “hostility to work” is nonsense.

I would call on Joan Burton to implement the Scandinavian childcare model she promised – this would help countless mothers back to work.

Cutting lone parent benefits and making snobbish statements won’t help anyone”

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