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Water motion finally passed at Fingal County Council meeting- Cllr Phil Lynam

12 May, 2015 - by Phil Lynam

Sinn Féin Swords Cllr Philip Lynam has had his water motion passed at the full council meeting, winning the support of most of the councillors. 

Cllr Lynam said:

‘We were a long time waiting on this very serious motion supporting the abolishment of Irish water in its entirety, to be heard. This motion has been on the council agenda for seven months, I was glad to have the chance to speak on it at yesterday’s meeting.’

The only issue is that there is a limit of three minutes to speak on your motion, to try put across as much information as possible on this shambles of a quango, which oversaw the setup of water charges and metering.

The purpose of the motion was to highlight that householders already pay for water through general taxation and as recently revealed, a percentage of revenue made from motor taxes has also been redirected to the company.  

The people I meet on the ground and those who come to my advice clinics, already in dire financial difficulty are at a loss to how they will afford to pay for this, as they already struggle to pay their property tax, mortgage, children’s education, rent, shopping, fuel, lunches. The situation is so bad their main question to me is which bill should I ignore in order to be able to afford this charge?

It is too easy for those who sit in Government to advocate payment when they are on salaries and allowances of over €100,000 plus; they are that far detached they simply can’t fathom the financial situation of ordinary working Ireland.

My question to them is you try live on a low income, live on minimum wage and see how far you get with your bills from week to week. Take your heads out of the sand and abolish the charges.’

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