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Marriage Equality polls encouraging but Friday turnout true test – Cllr Fintan Warfield

17 May, 2015 - by Fintan Warfield

Sinn Féin Councillor and Mayor of South Dublin Fintan Warfield has welcomed positive poll findings regarding a 'yes' vote in the upcoming marriage equality referendum. However he has advised 'yes' campaigners not to become complacent with the the encouraging results published in three separate polls today, as the real measure of success will depend on everyone voting on Friday.

Cllr Warfield said;

“The polls are encouraging but a good turnout next Friday is crucial. There is no room for complacency for Yes campaigners. We need every single person to cast their vote and ensure that a resounding 'YES' is carried.

“Voting 'yes' in this referendum will demonstrate that all of our citizens are treated equally by the state and held in equal value. Voting yes will enshrine the love of two people in the eyes of the law. And it is not just the legal protections of marriage that will be conferred to gay and lesbian couples. It will allow everyone to experience the joy of marriage, the pleasure of being able to refer to your 'husband' or your 'wife' and the knowledge that you are equally regarded and respected by the state.

“Voting 'yes' has absolutely nothing to do with issues of adoption, surrogacy or assisted reproduction, despite the misleading protestations of the 'no' side. Voting 'yes' in contrast actually fosters the rights of children – that children are brought up in an openly tolerant society, that nobody is told they are unequal, that nobody is told their love does not carry the same weight, that no single person feels frightened to be who they are.

“A majority 'yes' vote will have huge resonance, with Ireland being the first country in the world to have passed a referendum allowing same-sex marriage. However we need people to come out in their droves on Friday and make the 22nd of May a day in history, a day when equality was realised and when love and pride triumphed.”

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