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Kathleen Funchion calls for business-led strand to the campaign against use of zero hour contracts

19 May, 2015 - by Kathleen Funchion TD

Sinn Féin by election candidate Cllr Kathleen Funchion has called on companies in Carlow and Kilkenny to consider spearheading a business-led strand to the campaign against the use of zero-hour contracts.

Speaking in Kilkenny today, Cllr Funchion said;

"This would be a strand that would link-in with the wider campaign against the use zero-hour contracts.

"There are company owners and managers out there who know that zero-hour contracts are exploitative and demeaning. They are bad for business in the long-term and bad for wider society. The use of zero-hour contracts is certainly a factor in draining community spirit.

"One issue is that some companies find it hard to put their heads above the parapet and shout 'stop'.

"I believe that such an collective initiative within the business community would aid the elimination of that fear and help to launch a positive and valuable strand to the campaign against the use of zero-hour contracts

"Corporate social responsibility is a term that is widely uttered in the business community. At the moment, there would no better way to demonstrate social responsibility than by rejecting zero-hour contracts.

"In the absence of legislation banning zero-hour contracts, something for which Sinn Féin has been pushing in the Dáil, it is up to civic society to take up the challenge. This includes progressively-minded business owners and managers.

"Decent work with decent pay and conditions is a principle that is not only good for workers but good for business and good for the economy. It is an essential component of a fair recovery.

"These contracts are an affront to workers' rights and basic decency.

"I will be asking both Kilkenny and Carlow Chambers of Commerce, in conjunction with trade unions and local authorities, to seriously look at adopting such an initiative with the aim of promoting the model on a national level.

"Together, we can bring an end to zero-hour contracts and build a fair and sustainable economy. "

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