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Councillor Máire Devine to run for Sinn Féin in Dublin South Central

22 May, 2015 - by Máire Devine

Sinn Féin members have selected Máire Devine to be the party’s second candidate in the Dublin South Central Constituency at next General Election.

Speaking at the convention Cllr Devine said: 

“It is a huge honour for me to be selected to represent my local community inDublin South Central for the next general election.

“Support for Sinn Fein has grown considerably in this constituency as evidenced in last year’s local elections when four party councillors were elected. This was a result of many years of hard work done on the ground by local members and activists.

“Dublin South Central has been excellently served by our TD Aengus O’Snodaigh who works tirelessly on behalf of this constituency.

“His hard work is in stark contrast to the inadequate and failed representations made by Labour and Fine Gael.

“I was born, reared and educated in James St where I still work today as a nurse.

“I was immersed in Republican politics from childhood.  Republic values have shaped my outlook as I strive for fairness and equality in my everyday life and in every decision I make.

“Last May I topped the poll in the local elections. I was elected on the first count and my excess helped elect a second Sinn Féin councillor.

“Now, having been nominated as a candidate for my local area, my objective is to win a 2nd seat for Sinn Féin and to complement our sitting TD Aengus.

“There is undoubtedly a big job of work ahead of us as we work to oust the Fine Gael- Labour coalition government in the next election.

“Despite all this government’s spin, the impact of its austerity measures is still resonating within communities, people who can no longer withstand the decline into poverty and homelessness. 

“The reality is that families are losing their homes due to an unprecedented housing shortage, high rents and mortgage distress.

“As a nurse I am acutely aware of the shambles that is our health service- scandal follows scandal, where poor management accountability and gross ineptitude is an accepted standard within our services.

“Sinn Féin is committed to developing a first class health service from the cradle to the grave.

“Dublin South Central has a higher proportion of pensioners who are living in fear of the next property tax, the water charges, and all the unaffordable bills that come through the letterbox.

“This government has left our vulnerable older people out in the cold.

“Sinn Féin will work to provide age friendly communities that support and respect our elders.

“There are thousands of young families who struggle daily with the high cost of child care and increasing taxation trying to make ends meet and this government has ignored their plight.

“The government talks of recovery and what a great job they have done-the reality is they have failed all of the people with the exception of the 1% who have increased their wealth since this government came to power.

“Sinn Féin will readdress this imbalance with a progressive reform of the taxation system and the introduction of a wealth tax.

“Irish people are demanding change.

“They are using the ballot box as their weapon in the war on inequality and austerity. As republicans we ably voice the hope, pride and determination for change and those voices are now in the ascendency.

“I will be one of those voices for the people who have none, or for those who struggled to have theirs heard by Labour, or Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil. “

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