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Meetings will promote reconciliation and healing - Kearney

22 May, 2015

Sinn Féin national chairperson Declan Kearney has said this week's meetings between party leaders and Prince Charles will help promote reconciliation and healing. 

Mr Kearney said; 

"Making peace after any war situation or intense political conflict with the resultant suffering and loss is hugely challenging, as the Irish Peace Process has shown. 

"Promoting reconciliation and healing are essential to the consolidation of any peace process going forward, otherwise society and politics remain trapped in the pain and resentment of the past.

"Given the shared history of conflict between Ireland and Britain, such gestures are not easy. But, when undertaken in a spirit of mutual respect and equality, gestures and initiatives can have a hugely positive effect and set an example for wider society.

"This week's meetings between the Sinn Féin leadership and Prince Charles powerfully underscored the irreversibility of the peace process and our collective responsibility to open up a new phase based upon reconciliation.

"Reconciliation and healing have to be embraced as the only way forward. Sectional state and political interests should not be allowed to stop that happening.

"Substantive and historic events have occurred this week to assist us all in moving forward. They should not be squandered – they should be built upon." 

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