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Lynn Boylan MEP calls on Sean Kelly to vote against TTIP report

27 May, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has called on Fine Gael MEP and member of the European Parliament's International Trade Committee Sean Kelly use his influence to oppose the adoption of a report on TTIP tomorrow, which is likely to include an investor-state dispute mechanism (ISDS).

The report on TTIP will first be voted on in the Trade Committee before being voted on by the Parliament as a whole in the future.

Ms Boylan's comments followed media reports of a conference in Dublin yesterday at which IBEC leader Danny McCoy, Enterprise Minister Richard Bruton and Sean Kelly all spoke of the supposed benefits to Ireland, outlined in the Copenhagen Economics report, of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and the US.

Ms Boylan said:

 "Yet again we see Irish ministers and business leaders relying on the overly optimistic Copenhagen Economics report on the impact of TTIP on Ireland.

"This report needs to be carefully analysed due to the flawed modelling it uses.

"The Copenhagen report claims there will be a 1.1% growth in GDP in Ireland and a net increase of 10,000 jobs.

"But all of the pro-TTIP reports to date, including the Copenhagen report, have used the Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling. This model contains the simplistic and false assumption that, after trade liberalisation, all growing sectors of the economy will absorb the job losses of the sectors that shrink due to international competition.

"Beyond the technical jargon, what this means is that the Copenhagen report and other pro-TTIP reports assume that an agricultural worker in the Midlands can just immediately waltz into an information technology company in Dublin, for example.

"Common sense, as well as the research on previous free trade deals, tells us that this is not the case.

"Another impact assessment of TTIP was carried out by Tufts University last year using the alternative and more reliable United Nations Global Policy Model, and its results were alarming to say the least.

"The Tufts University study found that TTIP would lead to a net loss in GDP for the EU; approximately 600,000 job losses; losses in net exports; falling labour income and a reduction in the labour share of GDP.

"The Irish government should stop peddling myths about the impact of TTIP when it knows full well, as the Nevin Economic Research Institute has pointed out, that the Copenhagen report has not even been subject to a critical academic peer review process.

"Leaving aside the conflicting predictions about the impact of TTIP, the Irish government continues to act as a cheerleader for the inclusion of ISDS, when even the EU's Trade Commissioner has been forced to admit that the system as proposed by the US has serious flaws.

"Sean Kelly needs to put the interests of the Irish people first, ahead of big business. He is Ireland's only representative on the European Parliament's International Trade Committee and tomorrow he has the opportunity to use his influence to ensure that ISDS and a free trade deal that will cause economic losses and increased hardship in Ireland are rejected."

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