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Anti-austerity groups across Europe must work together - Anderson

3 June, 2015 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said anti-austerity groups across Europe must work together to forge a more equal society. 

Speaking ahead of addressing a major conference in Athens where she spoke to young members of Syriza, Ms Anderson said;

"The current economic crisis across Europe undermines democracy by insisting that the only solution is austerity. 

"Earlier this year the people of Greece withdrew consent to be governed by the Troika and the discredited political forces of the old regime. They gave their consent to be governed by Syriza on a clear mandate of ending austerity. But the Troika are showing themselves unwilling to accept that choice. 

"In Ireland, Sinn Féin's principled and practical opposition to austerity across the island demonstrates that there is a better way - a progressive, left, republican, social agenda which can and will deliver for all citizens. 

"Across Europe, those on the left must embrace the collective responsibility to confront the austerity agenda. 

"We have the alternative agenda. We now need the confidence to constantly define push forward how we will practically implement the necessary changes. 

"Our commitment to solidarity does not mean protesting shoulder-to-shoulder with comrades in Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Britain and elsewhere. It also means we must share the lessons of our struggles. 

"Long term, knowledge-driven strategies for change need developed and delivered simultaneously across Europe to combat the austerity agenda."

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