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Consistent approach to flags from political unionism needed - Kelly

3 June, 2015 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has said there is a need for respect for all traditions at Stormont following the hoisting of 2 Irish flags above Parliament buildings. 

Mr Kelly said; 

“The reaction by unionist politicians to the hoisting of two Irish flags above Stormont’s Parliament buildings can only be described as hysteria.

“This for some unionist politicians is a bigger crisis than anything that has happened over the past weeks.

“One thing that is lost on those who are objecting is the fact that they are the same parties who have not called for the removal of countless British and unionist flags at sensitive interfaces or from countless town centres bedecked with union flags.

“Stormont has only just finished a consultation into flags and emblems in the grounds of Stormont and parliament buildings and one thing will be very clear; there is nothing about the place that celebrates or respects the nationalist tradition in this part of the island.

"We want to create an environment based on respect and tolerance and we would call on those who are now objecting so strongly to this incident to join with us in creating a policy that reflects that." 

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