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Nothing new in NIO "economic vision"

30 November, 2004

Sinn Féin Economy spokesperson, national chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin MLA has called on the NIO direct rule economy minister Barry Gardiner to extend the consultation on the so-called 'economic vision' amid concerns that it is flawed and offers nothing new.

Mr McLaughlin said:

"This is a lightweight paper that contains nothing new. No new ideas just more of the same.

"If anything there are widespread concerns that if DETI proceed with this paper that it will tie any future Assembly and Executive into an economic straightjacket for the foreseeable future. This is unacceptable.

"The other major concern is that this is a so-called economic vision' being driven by the demands of the British Treasury and not the demands of the local economy or local businesses.

"We want to see an economic vision that places equality at its centre, that offers a coherent strategy to address problems around falling R&D expenditure, sustainability for small and medium enterprises, investment in infrastructure, high energy costs, spiralling insurance premiums, support for indigenous businesses, the targeting of resources towards TSN areas and developing the all-Ireland economy.

"I would urge the NIO to extend the consultation on this document, particularly in light of the ongoing discussions around the potential for a significant Peace Dividend." ENDS

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