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Foster's claims on ability to spend money incorrect - McKay

3 June, 2015

Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay has said the Finance Minister's claim that Stormont departments would not be able to spend money they raise in the absence of a budget is incorrect. 

Mr McKay, chair of the finance committee said; 

"This legal advice clearly shows that departments would be able to spend more than £2 billion in accruing resources - money generated by departments - in the event that a budget is not agreed. The finance committee has now written to Arlene Foster on this issue. 

"It is clear to members of the committee and should be clear to most observers that departments will be well within their rights to spend accruing resources in the absence of Executive agreement on a budget.

"Indeed if the Minister was correct, which she is not, the spending of accruing resources in the past two months since April 1st would already be illegal.

"The Minister has got her figures wrong by over £2billion. She was clearly scaremongering or playing politics. Either way it's a damaging start for any Finance Minister to get things so badly wrong."

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