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Adams holds "good discussion" with Taoiseach but expresses concern over "timeframe stretching"

30 November, 2004

Speaking after his meeting with the Taoiseach at Government Buildings in Dublin today Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP described it as a "good discussion" but expressed his concern that the "timeframe was stretching".

Mr. Adams said, "We had a good discussion with the Taoiseach. We focused on demilitarisation. We brought him up to date. Clearly there are issues that remain to be sorted. We expressed our concern that the timeframe was stretching.

"We have been quite patient in all of this. It is our belief that a deal could have been done by now if the political will had existed. However, our priority at the moment is about getting all of the bits in place and getting the full and faithful implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. We need to get the DUP over the line in terms of a sustainable deal."

Responding to comments made earlier by Ian Paisley, Mr. Adams dismissed them as "intemperate and highly insulting." He said such remarks "do not help the job of making a deal any easier."

Mr. Adams said, "There has been a lot of anger expressed by not just Republicans but indeed the broader nationalist community in relation to the comments. Republicans are not better than anybody else but neither are we any worse. Republicans are decent people. For years we have had the politics of political humiliation. Attempts were made to humiliate our people in prisons, in interrogation centres, in our streets and in our homes. It was a policy that utterly failed.

"I would suggest that we all need to be temperate in our language. We all need to start treating people as we would have them treat us. We need a little more humility rather than humiliation. We are not about the politics of humiliation we're about the politics of liberation." ENDS

Note to Editor Sinn Féin delegation included Gerry Adams MP, Martin McGuinness MP, Michelle Gildernew MP, Catriona Ruane MLA and Cllr. Joe Reilly.

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