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Motion calling Tánaiste to deliver Scandinavian childcare model passed –Cllr Louise Dunne

9 June, 2015 - by Louise Dunne

Sinn Féin Councillor for Dublin South Louise Dunne has expressed her delight after the unanimous support of her motion in South Dublin City Council calling on Minister Joan Burton to honour her commitment to deliver a Scandinavian Model of Childcare.

Cllr Dunne said:

 “After some opposition to the Lone Parents motion two months ago, I am delighted that I had unanimous support of my motion calling on the Minister Joan Burton to follow through on her commitment to deliver a Scandinavian Model of Childcare.

“The expenditure for lone parents payments was €1.067 million in 2010, while the expenditure for 2015 is €607 million. This does not take into account cuts to the school allowance, fuel allowance, carers etc. These saving have been redirected to pensions and the debt deficit, to the best of my knowledge not one penny has been redirected into childcare provision.

“The Minister has stated that these so called reforms are to activate more women into education and the labour market. However, more and more lone parents are forced to leave employment because of these cuts. Furthermore, they are also faced with the prospect of having to leave college.

“The deprivation rate among Lone Parent families is already 230% higher than the general population. If the Minister is committed to enabling women to access the labour market, which in turn, will take them out of the poverty trap, she needs to follow through on her commitment and invest in childcare provision. In the long run, the state will spend less on social welfare, health, justice, and educational interventions.

“Until an affordable and accessible model of childcare is delivered, more of our children are destined to be trapped in the ongoing cycle of poverty.”

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