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Government has known for years about lead pipes – Cllr Sarah Holland

9 June, 2015 - by Sarah Holland

Sinn Féin Rathfarnham Councillor Sarah Holland has today slammed the Government on their disingenuous remarks over lead pipes throughout the country.

She said

“The Government is playing the fool over the lead pipes, and pretending that the issue only came to light following meter installation.

“The European Investment Bank provided a loan of €200m in 2013 to service water infrastructure, so I would have to ask why the cost for repairing lead pipes is now being passed to homeowners.

“This issue was flagged by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2004, who recommended that local authorities carry out a lead survey to find out the extent of lead piping in the network.

“The EPA directed 4 county councils to investigate breaches to lead levels in 2013.

“This problem was not discovered by Irish Water, so crediting them with this is a monumental spoof.

“Local authorities should have been investing in water supply all along, using the funding allocated from central Government and the loan taken from the EIB.

“Here in South Dublin County, consistent investment in the water system over the years means we have one of the lowest leak rates in Europe.

“The Government’s attempts to make the Irish Water quango relevant are failing.

“Sinn Fein’s first act, if we are elected, is to abolish Irish Water – the bill is ready to go and we are waiting on the mandate.”

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