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EU rattled by citizen groundswell against TTIP – Boylan

9 June, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Speaking from the European Parliament this evening, Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has reacted to the news that a crucial vote on a European Parliament report on TTIP is to be postponed.

MEP Boylan said:

“It is typical that when the big groups in Europe see that it’s not going to go their way, they decide to postpone and delay to buy themselves more time.

“Citizens have the right to know what their representatives’ positions are on controversial aspects within TTIP such as corporate rights to sue governments or the lowering of food and chemical safety to suit the markets instead of the consumers. My Sinn Fein colleagues and I have been campaigning consistently throughout this legislature against TTIP and will continue to raise the concerns of citizens on the issue.

“Although this vote won’t happen this week after all, it is very encouraging to see the effect that strong citizen voices can have on the European agenda. The thousands of citizens protesting, emailing and petitioning their politicians has certainly made an impact and I would encourage them all to keep up this pressure to help deliver a strong ‘No’ to a deal which will benefit the corporations at the expense of the citizens.” 

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