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Jonathan O'Brien TD welcomes Garda operation targeting sale of heroin

10 June, 2015 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Sinn Féin Cork North-Central TD Jonathan O’Brien has welcomed a Garda operation which has targeted the street dealing of heroin in Cork and throughout the state.

Speaking from Leinster House today, Deputy O'Brien said;

"Any operation which takes heroin off our streets is to be welcomed. However, we also have to acknowledge the reality that a great amount of street dealing is carried out by people with addiction issues who turn to selling in order to feed their habit.

"Not only must the Garda operation acknowledge this fact but it must also actively inform the devising and implementation of a  law enforcement strategy when it comes to the sale and distribution of heroin.

"We need to see a law-enforcement operation which focuses on the kingpins of the heroin trade, those who import the drug into Ireland on a large and frightening quantities. These wholesalers are the people who are profiting on a massive scale on the misery of others.

"They are establishing significant criminal networks throughout the state to ensure that their heroin reaches our streets and communities.

"An undeniable facet of illegal drug distribution is ensuring that individuals become indebted due to their addiction and consequently have to turn to working for the distributor in order to service their debt and addiction.

"I commend An Garda Síochana on their recent efforts. Now, the emphasis must shift towards arresting those responsible for importing of massive quantities of heroin into our country. We will doing more to address the root causes of the problem by tackling the sale of heroin at the source on entry."

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