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Widening gender pay gap another sign of an unfair recovery – Reilly

12 June, 2015

Sinn Féin Senator Kathryn Reilly has reacted to the widening gender pay gap in Ireland as recently reported by the Women’s Executive Network (WXN).

Senator Reilly stated:

“The reality is that the gender pay gap in Ireland is widening and women are being left behind yet again. The gender pay gap in Ireland now stands at 14.4%, and on average women in this state are being paid one-seventh less than their male counterparts for comparable work.

“Furthermore, as the Women’s Executive Network have highlighted, the gender pay gap is particularly marked for women with children.

“We welcome the attention that the Women’s Executive Network has brought to this important problem. As Republicans we stand for equality and fairness, and the widening of this gap deepens inequality and is grossly unfair. This underlines Sinn Fein’s point that this is an unfair recovery, one which only benefits the privileged few.

“At a time when the gender pay gap should be decreasing in a county like Ireland, women are now faced with another barrier of inequality. The reason for this is that the single biggest group who have been left behind by this government’s policies and that of its predecessor is women.

“The pay gap is only one aspect of the wider inequality women are facing, including the cost and unavailability of affordable childcare, carrying the burden of cuts to public services and lagging in net new jobs, which are running at only half the rate of new jobs for men.

“It is unacceptable that a situation like this has been allowed to develop. This is another sign of the unequal recovery which Fine Gael and Labour have presided over and they need to be held account.

“Sinn Féin want a fair recovery, a recovery for all, and we will be pressing the government to address this issue.” 

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