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Youth Guarantee should be rolled out across the state- Cllr Denise Mitchell

16 June, 2015 - by Denise Mitchell

Dublin City Councillor and Dublin North Bay General Election candidate Denise Mitchell is calling for the government to live up to its commitment and to roll out the youth guarantee across the state.

She said:

“Certain aspects of the Youth Guarantee Scheme that was piloted in Ballymun were quite successful. Sinn Féin has long been calling for the roll out of the Guarantee Scheme in other areas specifically in areas like Darndale where there are high levels of youth unemployment. 

Darndale is a particular area which would benefit from a scheme to get our young people back to work or in further education. It is an area that has been neglected by this and previous governments and people have suffered because of it.”

She further added:

“Unlike the Youth Guarantee that was piloted in Ballymun, any future schemes in place must include lone parents and those not on the live register.

“Minister Burton says she wants to get lone parents back to work yet she excluded them from a pilot programme designed to encourage employment and further education. 

“It makes no sense and one might think the pilot scheme was just a ploy to reduce live register figures and not about actually generating jobs.

“So it’s high time that a decent Youth Guarantee scheme was put in place that caters for all the young people in the community”

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