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Tory cuts agenda responsible for Executive crisis - Murphy

17 June, 2015 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy has said the British government's assault on public services will drive people deeper into poverty. 

Mr Murphy said; 

"It is absolutely ludicrous for George Osborne to say that the welfare reforms being driven by his cabinet of millionaires is releasing people from the poverty trap when the reality is their assault on welfare and public services in driving people deeper into poverty. 

"It is rich for him to talk about limits which have been agreed with the British government when no one in the North agreed to £1.5 billion being raided from the block grant. 

"The difficulties currently facing the Executive are not of our making. The responsibility rests solely with the austerity policies of the British government. The real crisis for the Executive is Tory cuts."

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