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Sinn Féin’s Ray McHugh is calling for a review of the clamping policy in hospitals across Dublin

18 June, 2015 - by Ray McHugh

Sinn Féin Cllr Ray McHugh is calling for a review of the clamping policy in hospitals across Dublin.

This follows a motion Cllr Mc Hugh put to a recent meeting of the Dublin Midland Regional Health Forum, of which Cllr Mc Hugh is a member.

Following the motion the following information was received

In the Coombe Hospital cars are not clamped, in St Luke’s Hospital cars are not clamped.

In Mullingar, Tullamore and Portlaoise Hospitals no clamping applies to members of the public.

In Tallaght Hospital illegally parked cars are clamped, but there is no release fee.

St James Hospital seems to be the worst for clamping, with an average of two cars being clamped per day, with 800 clamped in 2014 and 150 clamped in the first quarter of 2015.

Cllr Mc Hugh said:

“While I accept illegal parking is a problem, it should be remembered that it is a hospital, with sick people worried and concerned for themselves or loved ones. The last thing they need is to find their car clamped, and not everyone has a credit card or €80 to get the car released.

“There needs to be a standard policy across all hospitals, Tallaght would seem to be the fairest with clamping as a last resort and no release fee.

“I also requested a 20 minute drop off time to allow people walk their relatives into the hospital who may be senior citizens, or people on crutches or in wheel chairs

“My motion was agreed upon and is awaiting report stage.”

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