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Massive implications for border regions if Britain exits EU – Senator Kathryn Reilly

23 June, 2015

Today in Leinster House Sinn Fein Senator Kathryn Reilly, along with other members of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on European Union Affairs, launched a report detailing the implications for Ireland of Britain leaving the European Union. Tomorrow Senator Reilly and three other committee members will travel to London to unveil the report to British politicians and officials at the Irish Embassy.

Speaking after the launch, Senator Reilly stated:

“This report is of significant importance, it has been the culmination of eight meetings of the Committee, the testimony of 15 highly influential witnesses across a range of areas, and a fact-finding investigation in London where we liaised with British officials.

“The referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU will happen in the not too distant future. It is very important that we understand the social and economic implications of a British exit from the EU for Ireland.

“I have been particularly vocal to date on the negative implications such which a British exit from the EU would have on the border regions. For those of us who live along the border, the effects would be massive. A British exit could see the reintroduction of border controls and check points, custom checks, and other such negative measures.

“I made it clear today during the launch of this report that the border communities must be protected against any eventuality. And what is more, when I go to London tomorrow I will speak directly for the people of the border region and I will raise the issue of the adverse effects a British exit from the EU will have for people along the border, north and south.

“This report is of significant importance, it is imperative that we are informed on all possibilities and outcomes if Britain does leave the EU. This report outlines many of the implications and I would hope that it stimulates a conversation amongst the Irish people and media so we can have an informed debate on the issue.”

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