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Government’s austerity agenda continues to sting- Lynn Boylan MEP

23 June, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has called on the government to adopt the recommendations made by the Constitutional Convention on economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR). These rights include housing, healthcare and social welfare

Speaking today Ms Boylan said:

“These rights currently have limited protection under the Constitution. As this government forges ahead with its austerity agenda, with lone parents now the focus of Labour cuts, these rights must be protected.

“Sinn Féin has called for this, the Constitutional Convention has recommended this and now a UN Committee has stated that these austerity measures have had an adverse impact on disadvantaged groups which has impacted on their ESCR.

“The UN Committee on ESCR noted that, as well as calling on the government to include a human-rights centred approach to tackling poverty, that:

They (austerity measures) must not result in discrimination and increased inequalities. They must comprise all possible measures, including tax measures, to ensure that the rights of the disadvantaged and marginalised individuals and groups are not disproportionately affected.

“On a European level I have asked the Commission to clarify whether human rights form any basis or have an influence on European Central Bank decisions.

“In Ireland Sinn Féin has called for a fair recovery which would include a new income tax band and rate, a reversal of the cuts to lone parent’s allowance, an increase in the respite care grant and an increase in funding for disability services.

“Dublin is in the midst of a housing crisis, every week there are reports of the elderly patients languishing on hospital trolleys, and Labour continues to slash social welfare payments. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights are not only unprotected by this government, they are ignored.”

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