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DUP have reason to try and prevent truth on Collusion from appearing

2 December, 2004

Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún today said that the DUP dalliance with Ulster Resistance provided a very real motivation for the DUP to try and prevent the truth about collusion coming out and provided a rational for the hysterical reaction of the DUP MEP Jim Allister to the news that a large delegation of families affected by collusion will travel to Brussels next week to lobby MEPs.

Speaking today from Brussels Ms deBrún said:

" Jim Allister's reaction while not surprising may well be motivated by a desire to prevent MEPs from hearing the full extent of this collusion policy. The six county state was in effect propped up by a terrifying mixture of British State repression, discrimination and violence. That is a reality about which many within political unionism are still in denial.

" It also has to be remembered that one of the vehicles used to rearm the unionist paramilitaries was Ulster Resistance. It was DUP leader and at the time sitting MEP Ian Paisely who set up Ulster Resistance. We can all remember well the images of the DUP hierarchy with their red berets in the Ulster Hall.

" It may well be that the DUP have been successful in hiding this reality from the rest of the European Parliament up until now. But the families and the victims of the British policy of state sanctioned murder have every right to tell their story. Sinn Féin make no apology for standing with the victims' families and supporting their search for the truth." ENDS

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