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Irish Government's actions during Greek Talks are Shameful - Matt Carthy MEP

26 June, 2015 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP for the Midlands North West and member of the European Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee Matt Carthy has today strongly criticised the Irish Government for their stance during the ongoing Greek Talks.

Carthy said:

“The position of the Irish Government towards Greece is shameful.

“Where is the solidarity, the cooperation and the democratic values upon which the European Union was supposedly founded? Where is the compassion for the Greek people in their time of need?

 “I believe that the decision of our Government to side with the right wing elite of Europe has placed Ireland on the wrong side of history.

 “What our Government and the European elite seem to forget is that the Greek people gave an overwhelming mandate to Syriza in the last General Election. The failure to respect the wishes of the Greek people is not only an act of indecency but completely undermines democracy.

“The level of Greek debt is unsustainable and cannot be borne by the Greek people. Any solution to this crisis must deal with this simple fact – there needs to be debt relief and an end to the Austerity measures imposed on Greece.

“Our Taoiseach’s remarks this week that he would not support debt relief for Greece are primarily about the fear that our own Government’s failure to negotiate the best possible deal for Ireland would be exposed.

"If it is any comfor - Enda needn'y worry - his failures have been exposed time and time again for the people to see and it is a source of shame and embarrassment to the Irish people tow atch our Government once again side with the elite and fail to stand up for those who need it most."

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