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Varadkar’s comments are hysterical and wholly inaccurate- Lynn Boylan MEP

29 June, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP has roundly criticised Health Minister Leo Varadkar’s comments at an event in Dublin Castle, labelling them “hysterical” and “wholly inaccurate”.

Speaking today Ms. Boylan said:

“I would suggest that Leo focus his attention on his own party’s actions in the European Parliament before he chooses to criticise Sinn Féin.

“Leo Varadkar questioned Sinn Féin’s commitment to tackling IS because of how we voted in the European Parliament.  He fails to mention that this report was a report calling for military action against IS.

“Despite Fine Gael’s constant attempts to undermine Ireland’s neutrality, we are a neutral country and consistent polls show that the vast majority of people in Ireland are in favour of this position. 

“Sinn Féin is consistent in our support of Ireland’s neutrality and that is how we approach any vote on military action in the European Parliament.

I’m sure it would come as a surprise to many in Ireland that only recently the four Fine Gael MEPS voted in favour of a report that called for greater ‘collaboration with NATO and the US military’ in relation to the Black Sea Region and urged member states to ‘increase their defence budget to 2%.’, which in Ireland’s case would see military spending more than double.

“Fine Gael’s hypocrisy does not stop at its stance on Ireland’s neutrality.  It is also content to share a group with 14 Fidesz MEPS, the political party of Hungarian Prme Minister Viktor Orban.  There has not been a peep out of Fine Gael MEPs regarding Viktor Orban’s actions and comments. 

“Viktor Orban who is on record of saying that he intends to abandon liberal democracy and cites Russia and China as role models.  He has also indicated that he intends to reintroduce the death penalty.  

“The Council of Europe published a highly critical report on Orban’s reforms and the European Commission has launched a series of legal actions against Hungary but Fine Gael’s group, the EPP is prepared to turn a blind eye to all this in favour of maintaining numbers. 

“In May the European Parliament voted on a resolution condemning Orban’s statement on the death penalty and migration but again Fine Gael were found wanting with their EPP group not only opposing the resolution but also leadership of the group defended Orban and dismissed criticism of the Hungarian Prime Minister as politically motivated!

“So while Leo talks a good talk, his comments on Sinn Féin are fantasy and his time would be better spent examining his own party’s actual hypocrisy.”

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