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Sinn Féin’s Críona Ní Dhálaigh is the new Mayor of Dublin City

30 June, 2015 - by Máire Devine

Sinn Féin Cllr Críona Ní Dhálaigh was selected last night as the new mayor of Dublin City.

Speaking at Dublin City Hall, Cllr Ní Dhálaigh said:

“It is with great pride that tonight I take up the office of Ard Mhéara Bhaile Átha Cliath. I am especially proud to be the first Sinn Féin mayor for Dublin and I am very grateful for the support that made this possible. I know that for some it was a bit of a leap of faith and I acknowledge that.

“I am conscious that this position is a responsibility, not a privilege, and that it is my role to serve the people of this city, and my fellow councillors in an open, honest and transparent manner.”

Cllr Ní Dhálaigh continued:

“The Proclamation speaks to us today more urgently than ever.

“The Proclamation’s commitment to “equal rights and equal opportunities” for all our people has yet to be fulfilled. We do not yet live in an equal city, or an equal country.

“I would like our new motto as a city to be Cathair Chomhionannais – City of Equality.

 “In line with this sentiment, my priority for the year to come will be those families who have been waiting years for housing, but also those who, once they get a house, find it is not a home, but a battleground, a place where they must fight every day for basic living conditions. 

“We must work towards realistic, sustainable and achievable solutions to the housing crisis.

“We must ensure that people of our capital city have homes, not just houses, and make our city of equals a place to live, work and grow.

“In that vein, I will use my year as Mayor to push for all Council procurement contracts, in line with EU law, to contain social clauses requiring investment and support for local communities.

“I will also work for worker’s rights.

“The contempt and mistreatment of Dunnes Stores workers by their employers is offensive.

“The sudden closure of Clerys, and the treatment of the staff, is equally reprehensible.

“The laws that allow this to happen have no place in a modern day Ireland. 

“As Ard Mheara I stand foursquare with the workers of Clerys and would like to take this opportunity to offer the offices of the mayor of Dublin to facilitate a meeting between Clerys workers and the new owners Natrium.

“During the coming year I also hope to encourage and integrate the use of the Irish language in daily Dublin life, to make our first language more visible and prominent in our first city. 

“Finally, there are councillors here representing very different political parties, ideologies and traditions. There is much on which we disagree, many profoundly and honestly held differences.

“But I also believe we have much in common. There is much that we share. We, each of us, love our city and the thriving communities that make it our home.

“We know its potential, the amazing capacity this city and its people have to endure when they must, to resist when they can and to build a better future, a more equal future, a city of equals.

“It’s that city of equals that I want to help build. No one can do that by themselves. No party can do that alone. “

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