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Coordinated approach to developing all-Ireland economy needed - Tobín

30 June, 2015

Sinn Féin TD Peadar Tobín has called for a coordinated approach to develop an all-Ireland economy. 

Speaking ahead of a Sinn Féin conference, 'Building the all-Ireland economy - Ending partition', Mr Tobín said; 

"Partition is the greatest obstacle to economic growth across Ireland. It has stalled our potential for economic and social growth and limited the prosperity of our people. 

"Communities and businesses along the border pay the daily price of partition. 

"These areas suffer from the highest levels of unemployment, emigration, deprivation and stunted economic growth. 

"It makes no sense for six and a half million people to be split into two separate tax, currency and legal systems, and with two separate economies in competition with each other. 

"Combining our strength in agriculture, life sciences and across all sectors will deliver greater economic growth. 

"It is vital both administrations in Ireland work together to prioritise economic development across the island and to address the challenges facing border businesses and communities."

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