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Not one young person in Europe has obtained a job through Youth Guarantee Programme- Lynn Boylan MEP

1 July, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has welcomed a group of young people and youth activists to the European Parliament to discuss the issue of youth unemployment.

Speaking after the delegation Ms Boylan said:

“We heard from trade union representatives, the European Youth Forum, that represents 99 youth organisations, and the EU commission youth employment and entrepreneurship sector.

“One of our delegates, Vanessa Mulhall of Clondalkin, asked an interesting question of the Commission and guest speakers, had any young person obtained employment out of participation in the Youth Guarantee programme?

“The European Youth Forum representative was quite frank and stated no. In fact she said that a review carried out by the European Court of auditors in March stated that they have yet to see a single person that has got a job from the Youth Guarantee.

“When you look at frightening statistics like, five million unemployed young people across the EU, not only do we need to develop a comprehensive, well-funded plan to tackle this problem, we need a change of policy.  Austerity is not working and investing in our young people without growing the economy and creating jobs we will not solve the problem.  We also need to ensure that the jobs being created are quality jobs.

“One issue that worries young people, is that through programmes like this the work is often precarious, low paid, there is an abundant over reliance on internships and apprenticeships aren't used frequently enough.

“That is the conundrum here in Ireland, apprentices now have to pay fees, which many can’t afford, which ultimately leads them to dropping out from the scheme and going back on the jobseeker's benefit.

“There seems to be no joined up approach to tackling youth unemployment, and while come countries such as Slovenia has introduced regulations governing internships, all too often our young people are subject to exploitation in the work place

“Fair work for a fair wage seems to be mantra long forgotten by governments at home and across the EU. The young people I met today, were eager and willing to play their part in reducing youth unemployment figures, they were concerned that employers using these schemes were not subject to any over sight and urged the Commission to look at implementing more safeguards."

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