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Adams commends the people of Greece

5 July, 2015 - by Gerry Adams

Responding to the referendum result in Greece, Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams said:

“The people of Greece have made a historic decision against austerity and an unsustainable bailout package. This democratic decision must be respected by all EU leaders.

“I wish to commend the people of Greece for this significant exercise in democracy on behalf of Greece and the rest of the EU.

“I also want to commend Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his Government for the courageous leadership they have shown.

“The big question facing all citizens of the European Union today, including Irish citizens is whether people have the right to assert democratic control over decisions which affect their lives. That is at the heart of the crisis in Greece. It is also a huge issue in Ireland.

“The EU must now make clear its desire to keep Greece in the Eurozone by negotiating a solution that doesn’t impose years of economic depression on the Greek people.

“This decision of the Greek people should force a rethink on how the EU is run. It is now time to return to the values of solidarity and co-operation that the founders of the European movement claimed underpinned it.

"It is shameful that throughout this crisis the Irish Government aligned itself with the EU elite and against the interests of the people of Greece, of Ireland and of the EU.

“In the wake of today's referendum result, Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Finance Minister Michael Noonan must set aside their petty party political concerns and support Greek efforts to negotiate a fair and sustainable solution to their debt crisis.”

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