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Democracy is alive and well and thriving in Greece, despite the EU - Lynn Boylan MEP

5 July, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has congratulated the Greek people on their incredibly brave No vote in today's referendum.

Speaking this evening in Dublin Ms. Boylan said:

“Yesterday many of us marched through Dublin in support of a Greek No vote and to show solidarity with the Greek people. I don't think any of us marching could have hoped for a braver display of democracy in action than the overwhelming No vote that has transpired.

“Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras has displayed a confidence in democracy that contrasts dramatically with the utter disdain for democracy displayed by our own Taoiseach. Most recently we have had Enda Kenny leading the attacks on Greece much to the annoyance of many Irish people. The Syriza government has been shown little respect and undermined by EU leaders, including Enda Kenny, at every opportunity. The Taoiseach sees his bitter criticism of Syriza as something that will be lauded by his German and French masters, praise the Taoiseach now seems to constantly crave.

“It is now time for Enda Kenny to show respect for democracy and for the Greek No vote. Many of us suspect Europe's elite have been quietly attempting to orchestrate a political coup in Greece but they have now been given a clear answer by the Greek people. Our Taoiseach must now stand with the Greek government and support its request for a write down of debt. If EU leaders truly believe in democracy, its leaders will now show respect for the Greek people and their government and engage in meaningful negotiations”.   

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