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MEPs have missed a clear opportunity to take a stand on TTIP – Matt Carthy MEP

8 July, 2015 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Speaking today from Strasbourg, Sinn Féin MEP for the Midlands North West, Matt Carthy has stated that the adoption of the TTIP report by the European Parliament today was a missed opportunity for MEPs to give effect to the wishes of the people of Europe.

Carthy said:

“I am hugely disappointed by today’s vote in the European Parliament on the report on TTIP.

“In my view the vote today gives a free hand to the commission to continue with the approach to these trade negotiations an approach that is clouded in secrecy and serving the corporate interests rather than economic needs of countries like Ireland.

“This is not what was needed – there is huge and growing opposition to TTIP right across Europe.

“TTIP represents a real threat to our democratic institutions, our standards, our public services, our workers and our agricultural sector.

“The report adopted today does very little to address these threats in any meaningful way.

“There is little attempt to thwart the handover of power to corporations and investors as the watered down proposal for an Investor State Dispute Settlement contained in the report still allows democratic decisions to be subverted for the interests of those solely interested in the profit margins.

“Today was an opportunity for MEPs to take a stand and shape the mandate of the European Commission to ensure that the interests of citizens right across Europe were placed at the heart of these negotiations.

“Instead, they have given a green light to the European Commission to sell off our core values and standards to the highest bidder with little thought to the consequences for ordinary people across Europe.”

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