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Joan Burton “analysis” of Sinn Féin policy cringe worthy- Lynn Boylan MEP

13 July, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP for Dublin Lynn Boylan has accused the EuroGroup of treating Greece and the institution of democracy deplorably as details of Greece’s bailout emerge.

Speaking today in Dublin Ms Boylan said:

“The behaviour of our European neighbours when Greece was on its knees is nothing short of unforgivable.

“These talks have exposed the rotten underbelly of the EU where dissent will not be tolerated.

“Economist Wolfgang Munchau captured this perfectly when he stated today in the Financial Times:

They (Greece’s creditors) demoted the eurozone into a toxic fixed exchange-rate system, with a shared single currency, run in the interests of Germany, held together by the threat of absolute destitution for those who challenge the prevailing order.

“This democratically elected Greek government had a mandate from its citizens.

“The Greek government was subjected to bullyboy tactics from its European peers that included blunt threats and blackmails. 

“The agreement is a tough one, however the Syriza government did not capitulate in the manner of which some sources are reporting. Syriza can at least say they tried, more than Enda Kenny can ever claim.  

 “The behaviour of our government has been at times tiresome and worst patronising towards the Greek government.

“Joan Burton’s misguided assertion that Sinn Féin doesn’t care about the fate of ordinary people is cringe worthy and untrue considering how far the Labour Party had shifted toward the right wing austerity agenda of its partner in government.

“Her comments are particularly disingenuous bearing in mind that Minister Burton is the leader of a party that implemented lone parent cuts, taxed maternity benefit and slashed back to school allowance.”

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