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Eircode: Government look to fix problem that didn't exist –Councillor Denise Mitchell

13 July, 2015 - by Denise Mitchell

Dublin City Councillor Denise Mitchell and General election candidate for Dublin North Bay has questioned why the government has invested €27 million into the new Eircode system and is asking if that funding could have been used more wisely.

 She said,

 “The new Eircode system comes into operation today and already there have been numerous reports of problems from residents, businesses and community organisations.  

It is not clear what the government is trying to achieve bringing in this new system.   

The government claim is it to help with emergency services but the Irish Fire and Emergency Services Association which, represent frontline emergency staff, expressed serious concern about Eircode because the system does not identify small local areas.”

She further added,

“I welcome any investment to improve operating systems within the state but where there are identifiable problems. 

This is obviously only the starting cost and there are serious concerns about further costing to government departments and how they will operate the system particularly considering date protection law.

Dublin City is running at a €18.5 million deficit for homeless emergency accommodation and I can’t help but feel that this funding could have used more appropriately.”

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