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Government Ministers seek to rewrite history on Greek referendum – Cullinane

14 July, 2015 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin Senator David Cullinane has strongly rejected claims by Ministers Noonan and Howlin today that the referendum in Greece was a mistake and a disaster. He said the mistake was on the part of the Irish Government who sided with the big power bloc in Europe and not the Greek people.

He also dismissed as laughable comments by Fianna Fáil Senator Terry Leydon that what the Greek people need is the steady hand of Brian Cowen and Fianna Fáil.

Speaking in the Seanad Senator Cullinane said:

"The brass necks on Michael Noonan and Brendan Howlin never crease to amaze. They say today that the referendum in Greece a fortnight ago was a disaster because it brought about capital controls and a drying up of cash in Bank ATM's. This is utter nonsense and an attempt to rewrite history. The banks were closed before the referendum took place and they were closed by the ECB and Germany to put the squeeze on the Greek Government and its people. It was an attempt at a cash famine to beat a people into submission.

"The failure of the Irish Government to back the referendum outcome and instead side with the austere German Government is the mistake.

"The comments from Fianna Fáil Senator Terry Leyden are laughable. The Greek Government does not need lectures from economic illiterates and masters of economic mismanagement. They need an accelerated restructuring of unsustainable debt and investment to help grow the Greek economy."

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