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National Economic Dialogue should serve citizens left behind – Senator Reilly

16 July, 2015

Speaking after attending this morning’s session of the government’s National Economic Dialogue, Sinn Féin Senator Kathryn Reilly called on Fine Gael and Labour to heed to some of the points made by speakers at Dublin Castle.

Senator Reilly said:

“It is vital that the government listens to the alternative points and opinions raised by speakers at the National Economic Dialogue, and the voices of those who did not receive an invitation to Dublin Castle.

“Sinn Féin attended the conference to advocate for a fair recovery for all the citizens of Ireland and to be the political voice of alternative to this government.”

 “Fine Gael and Labour have told us that there is a recovery, but it is a two tier recover. The majority of Irish people are not feeling a recovery; they are being left behind by this government.”

“What Sinn Fein wants to know is; where is the recovery for our young people who cannot find work, or those who cannot find decent well paid work, where is the recovery for rural Irish communities torn apart by emigration and the ambivalence of this government, where is the recovery for lone parents and those who have had welfare payments slashed, where is the recovery for workers and families who have been savaged by austerity policies.”

“It is vital that the government listens to the alternative and progressive voices at Dublin Castle today who have called for a fair recovery and who have outlined how to go about achieving this. This event cannot be used simply as a talking shop. It cannot just be used as a smokescreen for the Government pretending to take on board the real and genuine concerns of citizens and groups across the state. Many of those today are at the coal-face, they have felt the effects of austerity first hand through their organisations or service users. Their warnings for the future and suggestions must be heeded. Anything less would be a damp squib.

“As my party leader stated this morning, the economy should serve the citizens rather than the citizens serving the economy. This is why Sinn Féin is completely committed to a delivering a fair recovery for all the people of Ireland.”

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