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Lynn Boylan: Revolving Door still spinning in EU

16 July, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Reacting to an investigation by transparency organisation, Corporate Europe Observatory, Sinn Féin MEP, Lynn Boylan expressed her concern that corporate interests are dominating the European Commission agenda.

 “More than ever, lobbying is rife in Brussels, especially now the largest trade deal ever, TTIP, is being negotiated between the US and the European Commission on behalf of the EU.

“Millions of citizens as well as trade unions and NGOs have come out strongly against this murky deal which is being negotiated in secret.

“Nevertheless, corporate interests are getting many more opportunities to bend the ear of the EU Commission negotiators.

 “This is hardly surprising given the high rate of those in the corporate sector moving straight into public sector jobs and vice versa.

“This 'revolving door' epidemic is very worrying for civil society. Former MEPs, former Commissioners and other high ranking EU officials have gone straight into jobs in the corporate sector taking their insider knowledge and contacts with them.

“Indeed, evidence shows that the unit in the EU Commission charged with negotiating the deal, DG Trade has had many more contacts with corporate interest lobbyists than with NGOs, trade unions, or other civil society groups.

'The Commission must do more to slam this revolving door shut, including a mandatory cooling-off periods between jobs.

A thorough examination of conflicts of interest have to be undertaken at the same time as an enhanced lobby register which should be made mandatory as soon as possible.'

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