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Social Housing should be balanced and integrated- Cllr Louise Dunne

17 July, 2015 - by Louise Dunne

Sinn Féin Councillor Louise Dunne has today slammed the inaccurate and irresponsible scare-mongering by Fine Gael over the provision of social housing.

She said:

“Fine Gael are using terms like “class war” which is insulting and further isolates those in areas considered “deprived”.

“The facts are that Tallaght and Clondalkin are the go-to areas for social housing infills, often before the areas are repaired and maintained.

“I am proud to be from Tallaght and I work hard to give my family all the opportunities available to them, but Sinn Féin has called time and time again for a balanced planning approach to social housing. 

“It is proven that the developments with most chance of success are those which have integration at the heart.  Mixed developments with private and social housing, good infrastructure and amenities are those which thrive.

“Using up every bit of green space in areas with existing social problems and few amenities is not the solution.

“I also welcome private developments, despite what Cllr William Lavelle says, but I don’t think the hundreds of families in emergency accommodation or the 8000 waiting on social housing will be in a position to pay out hundreds of thousands for a new place.

“Housing is a right, not a privilege and despite what Fine Gael think, should be open to everyone – not just the wealthy.”

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