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Support for O'Hagan family in quest for truth - McAleer

17 July, 2015 - by Declan McAleer

West Tyrone MLA Declan McAleer has expressed his support for Damien O’Hagan in his quest for truth and justice about the killing of his mother Kathleen by a Unionist death squad.

 Declan McAleer said,

 “The killing of Kathleen O’Hagan, a mother who was heavily pregnant when she was gunned down in her own home by a unionist death squad, was particularly callous.

 “I fully support Damien O’Hagan in his search for truth and justice into the murder of his mother in August 1994.

 “I have known the O’Hagan family for over 30 years and know very well the years of suffering the family experienced at the hands of the British army, RUC and UDR, culminating in Kathleen’s murder by British agents in front of her children.

 “It is clear from the way the killers went directly to the bedroom that they knew the lay out of the house and had help in carrying out the killing.

 “As more and more details emerge of the systematic collusion between the British state and Unionist death squads it is clear Damien O’Hagan deserves answers on the killing of his mother.

 “I have spoken to Damien this morning and commended him on his actions in demanding answers and pledged my support in his search for truth on Kathleen’s brutal murder.”

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